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Why your nails are peeling off? 6 Most common reasons!

We've all been there: Just as you've gotten your nails to grow out—long, strong, and healthy—the next thing you know, you see a tip begin to fray. Frustrating, indeed. Now, a one-off peeling nail is nothing to worry about: Nails can take a beating from day-to-day life, after all, and sometimes nails just split. But if you find yourself consistently with broken nails, you might be looking for a proper long-term solution.

Well, we're here to help. Here are the most common causes of peeling nails and the four ways to fix them.

Why do nails peel?

There are many things that can cause chronic nail problems. As for peeling, these are the most common causes:

1.Dry nails

You have dry skin; you see cracks. When you have dry hair, your ends split. Nails are no different. Often our nails get dry and brittle and begin to peel.

Dry nails can be the result of dry skin overall, sun damage, or exposure to harsh surfactants and soaps.


A very common cause of peeling nails, being too hard on your hands can lead to splitting. It can also be the result of trauma from sports. But even small traumas can trigger it.

3.Harsh manicures

If you wear gel polish, the removal process can potentially damage your nails by soaking in acetone for 15 to 20 minutes—plus too much scraping and filing on your nail plate can make it become thinner. When you peel your gel polish instead of soaking it in polish remover when it gets chipped. Peeling your gel polish can create further peeling.


If you notice more nail issues with the years, it's because nails can weaken with time. Much like our hair getting thinner with age, our nails become dry and brittle with age as well.


"If you are not getting proper nutrients, your skin, hair, and nails can not be in the ideal health either. Be mindful of extreme diets, or diets poor in proper vitamins, minerals, and nutrients. 

6.Underlying condition

While peeling nails is a common condition that's typically not cause for concern, there are instances where it's indicative of a more serious problem. There might be systemic issues or diseases that affect the nails.

The takeaway.

Peeling nails are annoying, unsightly, and can be a regular occurrence. If you seem to be dealing with them, reach for a supplement, protect them from physical damage, and visit a dermatologist, if the problem persists.


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