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We can’t deny the fact that hair loss or damaged hair is a huge depressant for many. No doubt, it keeps haunting you every day. Any solution, you may ask? Well, with the advent of new technology, you are now blessed with a number of remedies for treating hair loss. Hair transplant is one of them.

When talking about hair transplant therapies, Stem Cell Therapy is one such process considered for hair loss. This treatment is very efficient. It is a non-surgical therapy to stimulate and re-grow hair follicles. Stem cells that are present in the middle of the follicle ensure the continuous supply of cells. Thus, it helps in multiplying hair cells on a fast pace treating hair loss or baldness.

The Treatment

  • Human hair grows out of follicles present on the scalp. Damaged or dead follicles prevent new hair from growing. It has now been discovered that stem cells can be used to stimulate the cells, they help in growing new follicles, thus new hair, when transplanted onto the scalp.

  • Scaffolding which is enriched with stem cells also has a requisite growth factor. It is injected onto the scalp. This helps in making the hair follicles orient themselves, and develop in the right direction. It helps promote hair growth and fight baldness.

  • While aging, the follicles tend to shrink and stop responding to the chemical signals given to it; this hinders the process of hair growth. The follicle stem cell sends off chemical signals to the shrunken follicles. This, in turn, helps in regenerating and growing healthy hair.

  • This therapy not only helps fight hair loss but also improves the quality and texture of hair.

  • Once you have undergone this therapy, you shall never encounter the problems of hair loss ever again in life.

  • This treatment has no side effects and is absolutely safe. Two to six sittings are required for this therapy depending upon the stage and amount of hair loss. You might feel a mild pin prick during the injection procedure of the therapy.

The Process

The process can be understood in a very easy way. If you have moderate hair loss, then it can be done in two sittings. In the first stage, the doctors will take away some hair follicles of yours, say approximately 500. Then, these follicles will be processed and cultured in a lab to produce more stem cells. Example, if they took 500 hair follicles of yours, they may multiply them to 1 lakh hair. After few days (maybe 15 or 20 days) the second stage of this therapy shall be executed. Here, they will insert all the processed hair onto your scalp. This is the simplest explanation for the process of stem cell therapy.

Benefits of the Stem Cell Treatment for Hair Growth:

  • A sure shot solution to hair loss

  • Relatively, the safest way to reborn hair

  • Minimally invasive treatment

  • Very few sittings

  • Very little discomfort

  • Positive results within a month


We at “Dr. Sheenam’s – Skin | Hair & Laser Clinic” promise hope to the many balding early with our stem cell therapy, and wishing to save their thinning crown. Also, it will be interesting to see how cost effective the treatment might be. But if you have gone pillar to post to save your hair and in vain, it is time you give stem cell therapy for hair growth a try. This treatment is certainly a breakthrough and will help in re-growth of hair as opposed to treatments where hair follicles are distributed from one part of the scalp to the other.

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