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Simple Skin & Haircare Tips that will come to your Rescue at all Times


Dr. Sheenam Sharma

1. Moisturising and hydrating are two distinct things when it comes to skincare. The main purpose of a moisturiser is to create a barrier between your skin and the air, preventing water from evaporating the skin's surface.

2. Use an exfoliating face wash at least once, at night. The face wash should not only be soap-free but should also contain small beads containing glycolic acid or mandelic acid to help remove the dead skin without over-drying the skin.

3. If you are suffering from a breakout, do not try to burst the pimples as it may leave behind a stubborn mark.

4. Exfoliating is beneficial to your skin. It clears the pores of microscopic dead cells that can clog them. Your moisturiser and hydrator will penetrate deeper to where they are most successful now that the dead cells have been extracted and the clean, healthy skin has been exposed. But exfoliate just once a week.

5. To avoid puffiness around the eyes, avoid drinking too much water post 8 pm. Avoid salty foods after 9 pm. Cold compresses with cold tea bags can help to relieve congestion around the eyes. 

6. Do not forget to care for your lips and use a lip balm with SPF. This will protect the lips from pigmentation, too. Avoid use of too much coloured toothpaste as it can sometimes increase chances of pigmentation on the lips.

7. A quick brightening and hydrating in-clinic treatment can help the skin to look its best. You can also opt for a Q switch laser brightening treatment which can give instant brightness and a glow. But always consult a dermatologist first. 

8. Choose a hair mist that is alcohol-free and hydrating. Argan oil hair mist, which gives a gentle scent and also repairs the hair, is a good choice.

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