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Difference Between Male And Female Skin

1. Thicker Skin in Males

No! It doesn't mean that men are stronger than women. It actually means that men have a thick deep layer of skin known as the dermis. That is why men have fewer superficial wrinkles as compared to women but more deep wrinkles especially between eyebrows and smile lines around the mouth.

2. Higher Oil Levels in Males Skin

Men's skin has more oil/Sebaceous glands which clog pores and lead to acne. So men need to cleanse thoroughly twice a day. But the good thing is that males appear to have better-hydrated skin due to excess Oil production. Also, Males skin have more dilated pores as compared to female Skin.

3. Female Skin Ages Faster

Males have higher collagen density, despite their age, women lose about 1% collagen per year after their 30th birthday. But women, however, this escalates significantly in the 1st 5 years after menopause. In males, regardless of age, collagen and elastin don't degrade fast.

In a Nutshell, female skin is about 15 years older than a man of the same age, especially after the 40s. But that doesn't mean men should not take care of their skin. Men. Need different skincare from women owing to their thicker, oiler skin even. Basic cleansing, moisturizing, and sunscreen can work wonders for male skin but with the right products.


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