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Do you travel often? Here’s how you can take care of your skin while traveling..

We tend to forget all about our skincare routine when we travel and most of us don’t even pack our basic skincare products while we’re on a trip.

We love traveling and we love going to places. But traveling takes a toll on your skin. All the dust and pollution and the imbalanced diet can impact your skin. While you’re busying traveling from one place to another your skin takes the strain. When you get exhausted so does your skin but most of us fail to pay attention to our skincare routine. Our skin tends to become dull and dry and uncared for after a long trip due to the lack of care and attention. Our skin comes in contact with all the impurities of the air and it’s the first thing that gets impacted. This is why it is essential to take good care of our skin while we’re traveling. Here are a few things you should do to take care of your skin.

1. Sunscreen

Wherever you go you will be exposed to the sunlight and the ultraviolet rays. In order to protect your skin, you need to use a good quality sunscreen with a good SPF. Don’t forget to pack a good sunscreen.

2. Moisturize

Your skin tends to dry up due to the change in air and eating habits. This is why it is essential to keep your skin happy and hydrated no matter where you go. Pack a small bottle of moisturizer because it can do wonders for your skin.

3. Hydrate

Don’t forget to stay hydrated. Drink mineral water while you travel in order to keep your digestive system intact and infections at bay. Drinking water keeps your body and skin hydrated.

4. Mist Spray

A pack of good mist spray of cucumber water or aloe vera water or even regular water can be very good and refreshing for your skin.

5. Wipes

A small pack of wipes can be a lifesaver for your skin. The pollution that it comes in contact with can be harsh on your skin and good quality wipes work wonders in cleansing your face.

6. Face wash

If not wipes you definitely need to carry a face wash while you travel. Even if your journey is not too long you should carry a small bottle of a basic face wash to cleanse your face of all the dirt and impurities whenever you need.

7. Avoid Make up

The travel and the change in your routine and the air and your diet is already taking a toll on your skin. Avoid putting on makeup at this time to keep your skin clear of any other blockage or strain.

8. Sleep

Many times we fail to get adequate sleep while we travel, don’t forget to get enough beauty sleep on your journey.

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