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There’s no denying that Instagram is the best place to discover the latest and greatest skin care trends, but while these trendy skin care buys are sure to gain tons of likes on the ’gram, it’s fair to say that some also tend to cost an arm and a leg, making us all wonder if they’re actually worth the hype.

1. Activated Charcoal Masks

Activated charcoal is practically in everything imaginable these days, as one internet search of the term leads you to a ton of charcoal-infused cleansers, soaps and shampoos. However, charcoal masks are probably the most popular of all charcoal beauty buys, especially since they claim to deep cleanse your pores with ease.

Activated charcoal can absorb dirt from skin surface, but only what it comes in direct contact with. When the charcoal is mixed with a vehicle in the mask, the amount that is actually coming in direct contact with the skin is likely not significant.

2. Snail Mucin Cream

Although snail mucin (a special mucus secreted from snails) is a popular ingredient used in many trendy K-Beauty skin care treasures, Suozzi suggested that it isn’t exactly the skin-boosting ingredient everyone likes to think it is.

Snail mucin is reported to have high amounts of hyaluronic acid. And while hyaluronic acid is proven to be an excellent skin moisturizer, it can be found in many skin care products, and does not need to be harvested from a snail.

3. Jade Facial Rollers

You’ve definitely seen one of these facial rollers on Insta at some point, especially since they are available in practically any crystal (jade, rose quartz, amethyst...) of your choosing.

Jade rollers may seem holistic and soothing, but there is no real data to support their purported benefits of reducing swelling or puffiness in the skin. Reducing your intake of salty foods is more likely to make a much more significant improvement in swelling than a manual roller.

4. Facial Toner

While antioxidant-rich facial toners are often encouraged in any skin care , these products supposed skin-neutralizing benefits aren’t exactly what they seem.

Facial toners dehydrate the skin, which can cause inflammation, sometimes exacerbating acne. Instead of using alcohol-based toners, you would be better off using products that contained glycolic and salicylic acid instead, as they do a far better job with treating acne, and are more effective in exfoliation.

5. Stretch Mark Creams

Much like alleged “cellulite-busting” products, creams used to treat stretch marks are another overhyped cash-grab, since stretch marks tend vary in pigmentation and size, making them pretty difficult to remove.

Expensive stretch mark creams just don’t do enough to address and remove the tearing and scarring in the dermis. At most, they can moisturize the area, which is always helpful to the skin, but you can do that with your regular body moisturizer.

6. Blackhead Strips

We all know how much of a royal pain blackheads can be, making those budget-friendly removal strips at CVS oh-so-tempting. It is advised passing on these products, as they don’t have the capability to remove any deep-seated gunk lingering beneath your pores.

Pore strips just don’t have the capability to draw out the dirt and grime that has dug itself deep inside the pores. They also won’t be helpful to those who struggle with blackheads in hard-to-reach places (like the curvature at the side of the nostrils), as it is difficult for the strip to even to make contact (or actually attach itself to the deep-seated dirt in the pore) there.


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