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5 Things to keep in mind while using Retinol Serum

01. Do not mix with other actives

There are a lot of actives that, when combined together, boost each other's potency, and deliver even more powerful benefits to the skin. But retinol isn't one of them. Don't mix this vitamin A-derivative with AHAs, BHAs, exfoliants, or scrubs. This facilitates stronger absorption of retinol, and even though that might sound great, extra absorption can trigger irritation and redness on the skin. Retinol is powerful as it is. But you can combine it with a little moisturiser to hydrate the skin, and reduce the risk of irritation at the same time.

02. Do apply it at night

You must work retinol into your nighttime skincare regimen. Retinol makes the skin sensitive, and exposing sensitive skin to sunlight can cause issues like pigmentation, inflammation and whatnot. That’s why it’s best to include a retinol serum in your nighttime skincare routine and let it work its magic.

03. Don't apply on damp skin

Even though applying Skincare on damp skin increases their absorption into the skin, this rule does not apply to Retinol.

4. Do Start off with a Lower Concentration

Since Retinol is a powerful ingredient, using a stronger concentration from get go can give you irritation and redness. It’s advisable to start from lower potency like 0.2% or 0.3% and then gradually increase the strength over time.

You can also use it twice a week to begin with and gradually increase the frequency of application once your skin gets used to it.

5. Don’t use Facial tools with Retinol

Using Facial tools to massage Retinol can trigger unwarranted reactions on the skin. Just use your fingertips to massage Retinol serum softly on the skin.

Author: Dr. Sheenam Sharma

Skin Specialist in Chandigarh

Dr. Sheenam's Skin | Hair & Laser Clinic

# 1 | Sector 21 A | Chandigarh

+91 9041625252


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