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5 Skincare Practices you should let go in 2023

1. Washing Your Face too often

It is important to keep our skin clean and Bacteria free, but washing your face very frequently can remove your skin’s natural oils which help in maintaining the skin’s barrier. The ideal way is to wash your face twice a day and never go overboard.

2. Popping Up Acne

Squeezing or Popping Acne can be tempting sometimes but it can result in infection and scarring. The infection can increase and result in more breakouts similarly. Squeezing Blackheads is also a bad idea.

3. Not Removing Makeup from the Skin

The longer your skin stays with makeup, it will get clogged and lead to breakouts. So it is always advisable to double cleanse while removing makeup and never sleep with makeup on.

4. Using too many Active Serums together

Overloading your skin with too many Active Products at the same time can do more harm than good. The best way is to introduce one active ingredient in your skincare routine at a time and never use active serums like AHA/BHA or Retinols without consulting your Dermatologist.

5. Applying Products in the wrong order

The order of skincare application matters because applying thicker products first will not let the thinner products seep into the skin.

The correct order is to go from thinner products i.e. Serum followed by moisturiser followed by sunscreen.

Author: Dr. Sheenam Sharma

Skin Specialist in Chandigarh

Dr. Sheenam's Skin | Hair & Laser Clinic

# 1 | Sector 21 A | Chandigarh

+91 9041625252


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