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4 Amazing Tips to Treat "Hair Fall" Post Covid-19

The ongoing pandemic has been really tough for all. So many people got infected by the second wave of Covid 19. Getting over the illness was a big task and a lot of people who recovered had a common complaint of hair fall. With the increased amount of stress levels, the hair growth of people gets affected. This results in hair fall. Experts say that hair fall can be controlled if a few healthy things are done regularly. So, here are few lifestyle tips that can help you control your hair fall post-Covid 19.

1. Follow a Healthy Diet

What you eat inside is what reflects outside so one must make sure that whatever you eat is healthy and good for your body. You need to treat hair fall internally too, by consuming healthy things. Add chicken, fish, leafy vegetables, eggs, to your diet.

2. Reduce Stress Levels

You need to indulge in an activity that helps in combating stress. Meditation or yoga could be a great option. If you aren't an outdoor person then you can indulge in creative activities like painting and knitting, etc.

3. Take Hair Supplements

Hair supplements make the damage control process quicker and also helps in pushing the pace of hair growth. Along with healthy activities, you can also consume hair supplements like Biotin. But, consult your dermatologist before consuming anything.

4. Consult your Dermatologist

If your hair is falling in larger chunks despite you following a healthy lifestyle then you must consult a dermatologist. Don't consume anything without the expert's advice.

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