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3 Reasons why your Skincare seems to have Stopped working!!!

Have you ever wondered why even after spending thousands of rupees on skincare, you’re still breaking out? When it comes to skincare, you have to make smart choices. If you buy products for your skincare routine without doing any research, you’ll end up putting your skin at risk and wasting your money. So, before building a skincare routine, determine your skin type first and then look for products that will match your skin type. Here are a few other reasons why your skincare routine is probably not working the way you want it to.

1. Not giving products enough time to work:

we need to give a product around 4-6 weeks to show a change. When Dark spots lightening agents, fine reducing agents, or texture improving creams are used, it takes a minimum of 6 weeks to start showing results.

2. Over exfoliation:

Everyone is exfoliating with a Multitude of AHA and BHA products in the market. Exfoliation is required only once a week if you have oily skin and once or twice a month if you have dry skin. No need to use these peeling solutions frequently as this can lead to dryness and irritation.

3. Using too many products or activities

Let's correct two main concerns first. This way you will be using only 2 products at a time. Using multiple products may cause break out and do not solve any purpose.

Keep these pointers in mind and make sure to revaluate your skincare routine.

Author: Dr. Sheenam

Skin Specialist in Chandigarh

Dr. Sheenam's Skin | Hair & Laser Clinic

# 1 | Sector 21 A | Chandigarh

+91 9041625252


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